Medical Equipment Planning and FF&E Consultancy

Driven by our in-house database and skilful team, we are able to provide the following consultancy service:

 Design Phase

  • Review functional brief and architectural drawings
  • Produce and manage FF&E master list and budget
  • Site audit to identify any medical equipment and FF&E suitable for transfer
  • Perform an FF&E gap analysis and identify any discrepancies or overlaps
  • Produce comparison report on FF&E make and model for each unique item
  • Identify local regulatory standards and compliance relevant to medical equipment and FF&E
  • Write technical specification for medical equipment and FF&E
  • Report on medical equipment and FF&E service and utility requirement
  • Report on ICT requirement for medical equipment and FF&E
  • Advice and report on utilization of new and emerging technology that would be relevant to the project
  • Coordinate and attend user group meetings
  • FF&E risk analysis

Procurement Phase

  • Review and allocate medical equipment by tender packages
  • Identify tender package specific preambles, terms and conditions
  • Prepare tender documentation
  • Advice on evaluation methodology and weighting
  • Advice and, if required, conduct tender evaluation
  • Present tender evaluation report to tender working groups
  • Advice on preparation of tender recommendation
  • Advice and, if required, represent client in tender negotiations

Delivery Phase

  • Assist with planning of temporary decanting and shifting of medical equipment and FF&E
  • Report on logistics for delivery of the FF&E onto site
  • Advice on staging requirements based on medical equipment delivery and logistics plan
  • Report on site preparation required for receipt of medical equipment and non-medical equipment
  • Report on testing and commissioning requirement by FF&E group and tender package as per Australian Standards
  • Advice and report on medical equipment ICT and information system interface requirements where necessary
  • Advice in the establishment of policies, procedures and resources around the management of medical equipment delivery

Commissioning Phase

  • Advice on resource required onsite for of the installation and commissioning of medical equipment and FF&E
  • Segregation of medical equipment according to testing and commissioning requirements
  • Advice on commissioning plan, technical/non-technical resources, calibration test tool requirements, equipment testing stations and relevant testing standards to be adhere by vendor including sample testing and commissioning program
  • Advice on estimated turnaround time for clinical and non-clinical equipment testing and commissioning for in cooperation into testing and commissioning program

Handover Phase

  • Report on medical equipment and FF&E defects
  • Issues management and resolution
  • Coordinate medical equipment and FF&E signoff
  • Coordinate clinical and technical training for medical equipment
  • Review and advice on post warranty maintenance

Maintenance Phase

  • Review and analyse hospital asset list
  • Clinical and non-clinical equipment site audit
  • Analyse equipment backlog, overdue maintenance duration, open work orders task, equipment breakdown ratio and critical areas affected by equipment maintenance backlog
  • Identify patterns that point to a gap in the existing maintenance service and logistical chain
  • Review asset details of equipment pending maintenance including maintenance history
  • Identify best value for money solution between in house versus outsourced service delivery model
  • Identify a suitable go to market strategy document to reduce risk pose by overdue maintenance
  • Review existing supplier service contracts to identify opportunities for contract optimization or variance
  • Advice on equipment identified to be condemned based on asset details, equipment life span and cost

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