mHealth Remote Monitoring

Mobile Health or mHealth is a new way of delivering healthcare services. mHealth will revolutionize how healthcare services are delivered, leading to better outcomes, decreased costs and improved sustainability of the healthcare system. mHealth uses mobile technologies as instruments and platforms for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, obtaining data and delivering efficient healthcare to society.

Established by professionals striving towards an innovative and intelligent concept of preventative healthcare, AIM Medical offers the following avenues:

  • JANE – an interactive health and wellness portal where health information is shared and monitored
  • Distribution of mHealth devices which leads the way for remote monitoring

AIM Medical offers wireless solutions for mHealth remote monitoring. The solutions provided create the opportunity for communication between an individual and an organisation. As a result, health information will be monitored and shared to increase efficiency in care management of personal wellness as well as community health. Patients with chronic disease will be able monitor their condition and manage it together with their healthcare provider in the comfort of their home. AIM Medical’s solution also reaches out to the aged and mobility-impaired people in the community where remote monitoring is required.

mHealth Remote Monitoring Portal

AIM Medical’s innovative path towards preventative healthcare for the betterment of society is characterised by JANE – an interactive health and wellness portal where health information is shared and monitored. JANE is a cloud-based entity that can be customised jointly by the healthcare professional and the user.

  • JANE understands that monitoring your vital signs is important and she will work with you to look after your health and well-being.
  • JANE works wirelessly in your home to collect data, identify trends and send alerts when necessary.
  • JANE will store your data securely and have it ready for display and for sharing with your healthcare providers/fitness instructor.
  • JANE allows you to have a personal training or treatment plan designed by your trainers and doctors. Parameters can be set and alerts will be sent to you and a nominated party if a reading obtained is not as expected.
  • JANE can also assist with making appointments for you to see your General Practitioner, or, if you are in a critical condition, she can send your alert and essential information directly to the emergency department of the hospital.

mHealth Remote Monitoring Devices

mHealth remote monitoring devices allow individuals and patients to use a mobile device to track their physical activity in the comfort of their home and when exercising outdoors.  They also allow patients to perform routine tests in their home and to have the data stored and sent to a healthcare professional. The devices are synchronised to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Readings of the vital signs are collected and displayed for self-monitoring.

AIM Medical currently has the following wellness devices:

  • Wireless activity and sleep tracker to give insights of an individual’s steps, distance travelled and calories burned, the hours slept and how many times they have woken during the night
  • Wireless body analysis scales can tell the individual the different characteristics of their body composition like weight, body fat %, lean mass, body water content and more

AIM Medical has the following TGA approved medical devices:

  • Glucometer for patients with diabetes
  • Blood pressure monitor (arm & wrist) for patients with hypertension or cardiac conditions
  • Pulse oximeter for patients with asthma, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic obstructive airway diseases (COAD), and other respiratory conditions